The activity of ZM Service Sp. z o.o. which is owned by ZM "Ropczyce" S.A. are as follows:

  • production of machinery and complete lines for the metal and the refractory industry with a specialization in the field of design and manufacturing methods for moulds, transport networks, metering equipment and packaging machinery,
  • services for current maintenance, repair and modernization of machinery and equipment in the mechanical and electrical field,
  • designing and installation, repair and maintenance of electrical, energy and industrial automation equipment.

Concentration of the company's service activities is implemented in the structured Service Center which focuses on the current maintenance, i.e. current demandings resulting from the production plan, and also on the support of moulds and tooling necessary to maintain the availability of "ROPCZYCE" Capital Group production lines.

Our qualifications:

  • Computer-aided designing of machines and devices with CAD systems,
  • programming and maintenance of "Simatic","Wago" and other controllers,
  • servicing measurement of heavy-current devices,
  • maintenance and servicing of lifting devices,
  • operation and repairs of hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies and systems,
  • SEP, gas and lift qualifications.