ZM SERVICE Sp. z o.o. started its activity on December 4th, 2000. On September 1st, 2001 the Company was included in the Capital Group of ZM ROPCZYCE.

The scope of activities of ZM SERVICE Sp. z o.o. is production of machines, devices and technological processes automation for companies from different branches, in particular of refractory materials and metallurgical industry.

We are open for cooperation with companies searching solutions to mechanics and automation. We realize individual projects meeting customer needs.

The company's service activities are realized in the structured Customer Service Centre that includes the domain of complex maintenance both to the ROPCZYCE Capital Group and to other external subjects .

The company has implemented and maintains the Integrated Management System (quality, environment, health and safety) in compliance with standards:

  • PN - EN ISO 9001
  • PN - EN ISO 14001
  • PN - N 18001

Expenditure was incurred under the financial agreement with European Union funds.